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Earn money through bidvertiser.com

Bidvertiser is an internet advertising company which offers site targeted PPC(Pay Per Click) text and image ads. If you own a blog and have a good amount of traffic then you can use Bidvertiser Ads on blog to earn money. You can place Bidvertiser ads on your site and in your posts too to get more money. Bidvertiser is not a scam as it pays genuinely to its users.

How to create account for Bidvertiser

1. Go to signup page of Bidvertiser and enter valid information and then click 'Get Activation Code'. A box will open which shows that activation code has been sent to your email.
2. Activation code will be sent to your email address which you entered. Open your email id and copy the code and paste in the box given.
3. Tick all the given 'Terms and Conditions' and click 'Continue'.
4. You will see a form. Enter your blog title and blog url in given fields, select category and sub-category of your blog. Now, click 'Finish'.
5. Now, you will be logged in to your Bidvertiser account. You will have to enter a payment method. Click the button 'Select Payment Method'.
6. Click the option 'Paypal' and enter your Paypal email and click 'Update'.
7. Scroll to bottom of the page and click 'Choose Template'. A window will open.
8. Select your type of ads and click 'Update'.
9. Now, click 'Get Ad Code' button. A window will open, copy the given code and paste it in your blog posts or sidebar to earn money.
10. You will receive your payment if your account have reached the minimum payout of $10.