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Earn easy money with domain parking

Another easy way of earning online is by domain parking. For all the advertising networks you need to have a fully working website with a lot of original contents and a continuous flow of traffic. Obviously this is really hard work and needs a lot of time and efforts. But domain parking is a very easy way of earning online without doing anything. Many people are earning from this program just by parking the purchased domain.
How domain parking works:
This method of earning is very easy and simple. Just purchase a domain name(try to make an attractive domain name) and then point your domain to parking website other then your own hosting server or space. Many websites and firms offer the feature of domain parking. Some popular websites are GoDaddy, Afernic, Sedo etc.After changing your hosting server name to the parking server, they will change your domain
into a single paged proper website having some links related to your domain name and when your domain will be visited or someone will try to search your domain from search engines and when the visitors use the links on that page, you will get the earnings. And a small amount of earnings will go to the website which is parking your domain.That’s it, simply buy a domain and park to the website you want to and start earning without doing anything. It’s the best way of earning online for those who can not write or create websites.
Purchasing the domain name is not so difficult and costly. GoDaddy provides the domain name in
just 8.95$ for a year.Best of luck!