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Earn money through Yllix.com

In this post I will tell you about, How to earn money through your blog or website. If you have a blog or website with good traffic then you can earn money through your blog/website. We know that for online earning through your blog or website Google Adsense is so famous advertising platform but now a days the rules and regulations or conditions to get an Google Adsense account are become so strict. So if you are rejected several times to get an  Google Adsense account. Then do not worry about it I will show you another good advertising  platform from where you can earn lots of money through your blogs or website. The name of this advertising platform is "Yllix".
Yllix is a advertising platform like Google adsense and pay you good amount by putting their advertisements on you blog or website. We also know that Google Adsense is a very good company through which you can ear thousand of dollars but some peoples are failed to get their earning form Google Adsense account because to get your earning form Google adsense account you have to do a long process of you identity verification. To earn through Google Adsense account you should have a knowledge. So will not recommend Google adsense to those who have no knowledge about Google adsense.  So if you have a blog or website then I will recommend to join Yllix.com because it has high CPC and another good thing is that you can get you money through your PayPal or Payza account on weekly bases. Through Yllix you can also promote your business.To join as a publisher you will earn money and as a advertiser you will promote your business Now let gets started follow this steps to put ads on your blog or website.

1. First of all click on the following banner to join the site for earning money as a publisher.or if you want to promote your business then you should join as a Advertiser.
when you click on this banner then you will see a registration form at the bottom of the newly opened window fill that form and then click on "CREATE ACCOUNT". After creating an acount your password will be send to you given email address.
2. Now go to your email address, copy your password and save in your PC. Latter you can change your password after login to your account. Now click on login in the right upper corner, enter your email and the password and click on login.
3.Now you will see your dashboard or backoffice overview of your account. Where you can see all you earnings and visitors list to you site from different countries of the world. Now it time to get started your earning. First of all when you enter to your account click on "ACCOUNT" to edit your information and payment information. You can also change your password here if you want.
4. After editing your information and other things click on Ad tags to put ads on your blog or website. You do not need to add your blog or website to sites list, It automatically add your site or blog to sites list when you put ads on your blog/website. After clicking on Ad Tags you will see different types of ads which you can put on your site according to your desire. You can see in the image I selected "Banner Ads". Follow this step to put ads on blog/website.
  • First select your ad type which ad you want to put on your blog or website
  • Now select size or format for the advertisement which size you like 
  • You can select Rating also i.e adults ad or Non-adults ads
  • If you want to put the ad on sidebar then select "300x250". or you can select according to your need
  • Now if you want you can also add "Display layer ads"
  • By clicking on the "Optional Sittings"  you can chance other sitting of ads.
  • When you don all your sitting for ad then click on "Get AD tag"
 After doing this all process you will see a HTML code below the Get ad tag. Copy that code and put on your blog or website.
5. If you do not know how to put ad on your blog then follow this steps.
Go to you blog or website and Click on the "Layout" tab and then click on "Add a Gadget"
Now you will see a list of Gadget from which you can add a Gadget of your desire to your blog, but we have to add a HTML/javaScript Gadget because we need HTML Gadget to put that HTML code or link in the Gadget which we have copied before from the Yllix site.  Select HTML/javaScript or simply click on the "+" mark to add this gadget.
Now Paste that HTML code Or HTML link in the appearing box  If you want to give a tittle to the ad then give your tittle in the tittle box also can be leave blank. Paste the ad (HTML link) in the content section and then click on Save. You done this ad is been added to your blog or site, By using this method you can put ads of other companies on your blog.
You can also add this ad in the pages section. simply paste that HTML link in the page HTML section you done. When someone click on these ads which you added to your blog you get paid. More traffic mean more money.  
6. You can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account ( minimum payout 1$) and Payza (minimum payout 10$). Click on payment section in the Yllix site to withdraw money. So enjoy earning and if you have any question about this post or other topics related to online earning then please ask in the comment section.


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