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Tricks to Index/submit Blog Post Google Instantly

Don’t wait for google to index your site, do it yourself. People who own a domain name always tensed about the blog. This is really an excellent method to Index your website post in google immediately and very fast. It will take only 5 to 10 seconds to Submit your blog post link to google. So, why not use this method and get some traffic faster. Be creative and be one step ahead. 
So, after you publish a post Follow this method.

Go to Google Webmaster tools Home page and then Click on your Website. and then Click on >CRAWL from the left side and select FETCH AS GOOGLE

Now in box after your website address add the link of the post and Click on Fetch, as show below.

After you have Fetched you link, click on Submit to Index.

Now wait for a few moments like 5 to 10 seconds and then you can your Post is visible in google search.

I am using this tricks from long time and it’s really a good mehtod to index your blog post. If still face any problem after folowing this tutorial, feel free to ask me any type of question i will be really very happy to answer your questions.