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List of Top Search Engines for Faster Content Index

Most popular search engines in the world offer ways of submitting your blog content or webpages directly. Your website or blog is all ready and to get your website or blog top ranking on the search engine results (SERP) specially to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol and so on. You must be submit your site major search engine for indexed. We suggest manual submission of your site’s home page to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines that can properly promote your site to all the major search engines and indexes.

Submit your content to Google, use Google Webmaster Tools. Submit your content to Bing, use Bing Webmaster Tools, Submit your content to Yandex, use Yandex Webmaster Tools and others. You can submit your site to search engines for free. You just need to add your site URL of the main page. Do not use automated submission. Below top 10 search engine list included.

Top 10 Search Engine PR Index Here

www.google.com 9 Click Index

www.bing.com 8 Click Index

www.yandex.com 7 Click Index

www.exalead.com 6 Click Index

www.search.ch 7 Click Index

www.baidu.com 9 Click Index

www.addme.com 7 Click Index

www.scrubtheweb.com 6 Click Index

www.msn.com 8 Click Index

www.aol.com 8 Click Index

Google the world’s most popular search engine. Yahoo! the 2nd largest search engine, at least 1 million sites listed. Yahoo uses bing’s technology so, you submit your content to bing search engine for indexing then automatically indexed in the yahoo search engine. Aol powered by Google. MSN  Microsoft’s web search engine. MSN is now one of the most powerful search engines. Yandex is a Russian search engine.