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List of 85 Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog

There are many websites those provide service to submit your blog on their directory for free, that's why other bloggers and people can get blog according to their requirement.

In this way blog directories are helping both bloggers as well as people those are hunting information.

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In this article I will share with all directories which are best for you to get visitors and make money online.

List of 85 Blog Directories-

  1. bloggers.com
  2. spillbean.com
  3. technorati.com
  4. digg.com
  5. indiblogger.com
  6. blogadr.com
  7. stumbleupon.com
  8. blogoriffic.com
  9. reddit.com
  10. blogarama.com
  11. blogadda.com
  12. submitstart.com
  13. bloghints.com
  14. vanani.com
  15. totalblogdirectory.com
  16. alivedirectory.com
  17. blog-search.com
  18. submitblognow.info
  19. blogged.com
  20. interestingblogs.org
  21. japanblogdirectory.com
  22. addyourblog.com
  23. blogdire.com
  24. bloggeries.com
  25. highclassblog.com
  26. blogio.net
  27. bloglines.com
  28. problogdirectory.com
  29. blogpulse.com
  30. submitwebsiteurl.com 
  31. theblogresource.com
  32. blogsitelist.com
  33. bloggingfusion.com
  34. conseillemoi.net
  35. blogher.com
  36. blogdirs.com
  37. blogdigger.com
  38. ablogin.com
  39. blogdirectory.org.uk
  40. blogflux.com
  41. dmegs.com
  42. bloggapedia.com
  43. bloggernity.com
  44. biggerblogger.com
  45. blogbal.com
  46. blog-directory.org
  47. blogdirectory.ws
  48. blogdir.co.uk
  49. britblog.com
  50. boingboing.net
  51. blogpoint.com
  52. bloggernity.com
  53. thecanadianblogdirectory.com
  54. blogdup.com
  55. blogville.us
  56. blogs-collection.com
  57. bloglog.com
  58. directoryblogs.com
  59. dir.yahoo.com
  60. bloghub.com
  61. bloglisting.net
  62. blogdirectorysubmission.com
  63. blogratedirectory.com
  64. topblogarea.com
  65. blogdirectory.net
  66. bloguniverse.com
  67. portal.eatonweb.com
  68. bestblogs.org
  69. startupblogs.net
  70. blogcatalog.com
  71. globeofblogs.com
  72. search4blogs.com
  73. blogsearchengine.com 
  74. redtram.com
  75. indianbloggers.org
  76. oneblogs.in
  77. blogskinny.com
  78. bloguniverse.org
  79. directory.org
  80. weblogs.co.in
  81. freewebsubmission.com
  82. photoblogdirectory.net
  83. blognation.com
  84. blogsranker.com
  85. free-web-submission.co.uk

Benefits of Submitting Blog to Directories-

Well, there is nothing wrong with this, but it will take time but I think if you will submit your blog to specific directories then it would be better to maintain, I mean active in those directories for submitting your awesome blog posts too.

Other than these you must promote your blog post on scoop.it, Reditt, StumbleUpon like websites.

I can tell you there are many benefits of it but here I am going to share with you few important benefits of submitting blog to directories-
  • Back Links- Well, the number one benefits of it, you are going to get back links from popular website, well almost all directories are popular but few of them extremely popular and few are just popular.
  • More Traffic- More Back Links you have from good reputed websites more authority, traffic, revenue, value you are going to get from your blog.
  • Good Position on Search Results- Well, all come to at the end search engine traffic, because search engine traffic is much better than even paid traffic, see if back link of your blog will increase then reputation of your blog automatically increase, but that's does not mean you will get 1000's of back links in a day (It will look un-natural for search engines, don't do it, if you want to keep blogging because it is dangerous), better take time and increase back links of your blog consistently.